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Review of Todd McFarlane Gives Promising Spawn Reboot Film Update, Teases Big Announcement

Spawn reboot film has been in development for several years and now ComingSoon has a promising update straight from the source. Spawn creator Todd McFarlane said that the upcoming film is coming along nicely and just hit a milestone by attracting “another big name” to the project. McFarlane also expects an announcement next year about funding and a production start date.

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“Everybody on the team’s pushing. We just picked up another big name,” McFarlane told ComingSoon. “We’ll make some kind of announcement the first half of next year. Everybody is literally laser-focused on that and the announcement will basically be we found our studio and got the funding and have a date to start going into production.”

We’ll have more from our talk with McFarlane later this week. The comic creator also talked about the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which is out December 14 on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD, what he wants to see of Venom in the MCU, and much more.

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McFarlane is staying busy as he’s also working on a Sam and Twitch television series starring the Spawn characters and has teased a shared universe.  “Could there be a third or fourth big shared universe? Possibly. But is it going to happen fast with one or two individuals? No. It’s going to be a long, multi-creator group that is just going to spread your creative seeds and stand back and hope it grows into a forest,” said McFarlane earlier this year.

The comic creator has been working alongside Blumhouse to develop a Spawn feature since 2017, which would mark McFarlane’s directorial debut. The movie would star Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as Spawn with MCU alum Jeremy Renner portraying Twitch.

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