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Review of Injustice Animated Film Red Band Trailer Shows Superman’s Brutality

The Injustice animated movie is about a month out from its October 19 release and it has finally shown why it has an R rating. The new red band trailer has some blood courtesy of an authoritarian Superman and gives more insight on what viewers can expect from the full film.

This is the film’s second trailer as the first came out in the beginning of September. The red band one shows the scene of Superman punching through Joker in the beginning as well as a few other gory scenes not seen in the game. For example, Superman can be seen flying straight through Solomon Grundy. Its voice cast also isn’t from the game as no one reprised their role from the video it is based on.

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This is just another peek at the film, more of which will be shown on October 16 during the DC FanDome. A few DC video games will be there, too, like Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights, both of which have been in development for many years. However, it might not be wise to expect Injustice 3 from NetherRealm Studios at the event if at all as recent rumors are pointing away from a DC-focused fighter.

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