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Review of Exclusive: Generation Impact: The Inventor Trailer Highlights Innovator Easton LaChappelle

ComingSoon is happy to debut the trailer for the second film in the Garage by HP’s docuseries, Generation Impact: The Inventor, which follows 25-year-old innovator Easton LaChappelle. The short film, following the first installment Generation Impact: The Coder, will be released on September 29, 2021, on’s digital hub the Garage, and on YouTube. It will debut with an exclusive premiere on IndieFlix on September 28.

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LaChappelle “developed the world’s lightest weight and most affordable bionic limb,” according to the synopsis. “His inspiration came from a robotic arm he built as a 14-year-old teen that won a state science fair. Using 3D printing technology, LaChappelle builds custom prostheses that are a perfect mirror image of the wearer’s opposing limb, with skin color matching, a sense of touch, and intuitive control — at one-tenth of the cost of other mass-produced prostheses.

“LaChappelle’s innovation, called TrueLimb, works especially well for growing children with limb differences, which is highlighted in the film by 14-year-old Aashna Patel. We follow Patel as she receives her TrueLimb and discovers her new capabilities, such as playing catch for the first time with her father. This powerful story shines a bright light on the potential of 3D printing, the future of prosthetics, and the brilliant young inventor and entrepreneur who is using technology to make the world a better place.”

Check out the exclusive trailer below:

Generation Impact: The Inventor is directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Klein (History of Memory, Cancer: The Emperor of Maladies, Dear Future Me) and produced by Redglass Pictures.

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Generation Impact is a new video series from the Garage by HP, which spotlights young people with exceptional talents. Motivated by the problems they see in the world, these inspiring minds mesh together a love of science with a dedication to helping others.

Filled with creativity, energy, and resiliency, each episode of Generation Impact features the story of a young innovator using technology to make the world a better place. Produced by the Garage by HP, the short films will inspire young people to embrace the spirit of innovation and explore careers in science and technology.

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