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Review of Editor’s Letter: Announcing the New ComingSoon

Hello readers,

Today is an exciting day for ComingSoon as we launch our redesign and continue to move our content forward as an entertainment site covering everything from film and television shows to anime, family content, and video games.

As I mentioned when I became Editor-in-Chief, the focus for ComingSoon is still on delivering great news coverage and highlighting fascinating artists through interviews. We’ve continued to do just that, while also focusing more on streaming services as that is clearly where the industry is moving. Of course, we’re also working hard to keep you updated on theater releases as well, and as more releases see digital releases quickly after theater launches, the differentiation between the two types of releases is greatly diminishing.

That’s exactly why on our new navigation bar that you will see streaming listed first and foremost. We have hub pages for all of the most popular entertainment streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more) so that you are able to get the news for the subscriptions you maintain and care about as quickly as possible. We also have additional ways to sort our gaming news, entertainment by genre, and anime coverage.

Our extra focus on streaming and the wide variety of content our readers take in has already paid off in terms of viewership and I’m excited to continue down this path. You can expect even more great entertainment coverage going forward as we continue to hone our voice and grow. More exciting changes are on the way, but our news coverage, exclusive trailers, and great interviews will continue to be a staple of the site.

I can always be contacted via email or on social media, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback. I appreciate our readers and will continue striving to serve you.

Thank you,

Tyler Treese

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