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Review of Detective Pikachu Artist Imagines Xenomorphs, Godzilla as Pokémon

Godzilla and Aliens don’t have much in common aside from their titular horrifying monsters. Pokémon, on the other hand, is known almost exclusively through its array of cute pocket monsters. Despite those two opposing tones, RJ Palmer, most known as a concept artist on the Detective Pikachu film, has given the two mature properties a Pokémon-esque makeover and made each of those horror monsters a bit more friendly in the process.

Palmer recently tweeted his xenomorph creations, stating that he wanted to upload them on April 26, also known as Alien Day, but wasn’t able to. He posted the four different stages of the xenomorph, ranging from the egg and facehugger hybrid to the chestburster, common xenomorph, and the queen. They even have silly types, as the chestburster is a “Rude Dinner Guest Pokémon” and the adult xenormorph is a “Big Chap Pokémon.” Given Pokémon’s evolutionary patterns, the transition is quite natural.

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This is not the first time Palmer’s Pokémon work has gotten some attention. According to an interview with Insider, the realistic Pokémon drawings he submitted as part of an amateur fan art project in 2012 blew up and caught the attention of Detective Pikachu‘s production designer. He then signed on to do concept art for the film, but then had to make his designs more cartoony on the big screen to please The Pokémon Company. His DeviantArt page is littered with different Pokémon, containing art books, prints, and a slew of other images related to the game.

While the xenomorph designs are new, Palmer also took the opportunity to once again share his designs based on Godzilla that he uploaded in September 2020. They are of a similar ilk, given that Godzilla is prone to multiple evolutionary forms like a Pokémon, especially Shin Godzilla. These four Godzilla prints are available on his shop for $19.99 apiece.

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