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Review of Darrell Britt-Gibson Talks Fear Street’s Handling of Social Issues

The Fear Street trilogy of horror films is now streaming on Netflix in its entirety. Actor Darrell Britt-Gibson plays an important role in the third part as Martin, who aids the leads in overcoming the town’s evil curse once and for all. However, Martin’s story arc also sees him being bullied by the local police force and viewers see that evidence is being planted on him, which is a reminder of real social issues in the fictional series.

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“It’s very important to be able to speak on matters such as that,” Britt-Gibson told ComingSoon when asked about the importance of Fear Street showing real social issues. “What Martin is in the film. I mean, if you just watch the film, he’s this black guy in this small town being messed with by the sheriff. There’s a through-line in America and American history that you can see that, like, there’s a lot of Martins out there. So I think it’s very important. As a friend of mine said, you put the pill in the applesauce in the sense of like, you get to be able to speak on these kinds of things in a genre piece but also get to really show people that like, yeah, this is a problem. Like I know a lot of people when they see the way Martin is getting messed with it, they’re going to be like, ‘yeah, that’s, that’s my reality.’ So it’s incredibly important to be able to speak on these types of subjects and not sweep them under the rug.”

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Britt-Gibson can be seen in Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Fear Street Part Three: 1666. Both films are now streaming on Netflix.

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