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Actors Gossips: Sunny Leone Dont compare me with anyone, I feel about whats on my plate

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Actors Gossips: Sunny Leone Don't compare me with anyone, I feel about whats on my plate

Actors Gossips: Sunny Leone Dont compare me with anyone, I feel about whats on my plate

Actor Sunny Leone says that going back to shooting is amazing after an extended break and she or he is grateful to possess work even amid such difficult times.

Excited to be back at work after a difficult 2020, Sunny Leone is looking forward to an excellent year professionally. With a few projects and talks happening for a few more, the actor has started the ride with renewed vigor.

“I think in 2021 tons of things are planned and tons of things unexpected also. Taking an opportunity for therefore long one doesn’t know what’s getting to happen. I feel grateful to possess work on hand. So with everything that’s happening within the world, with coronavirus and other people eager to revisit to figure, I’m hoping this year goes to be better and crammed with surprises for everybody,” she says.

Apart from her film Koka Kola releasing this year, Leone has Vikram Bhatt’s Anamika, a TV reality show, and a movie down South.

“I’m not taking some time and booked for a minimum of the next six months straight. I’m happy. Going back to shooting is completely amazing. I’m also grateful to possess work amid the pandemic,” adds Leone

Charting her own path within the industry, the 39-year-old doesn’t believe in competition or getting worried by the number of projects her contemporaries are performing on.

“I don’t check out what people do or the alternatives they’re making. I check out myself and my very own family, what I want to try to do, and the way I want to urge through my day. Also, what’s on my plate and what choices I want to form. It’s as simple as that. I don’t compare myself with anybody else. i would like to measure my life the way I would like to, do better work and luxuriate in my family,” says the actor, adding that she’s content with the type of characters she’s being offered immediately.

Ask if she too feels that there aren't many female-fronted stories being made in Bollywood and Leone replies, “Most of the items I do are female-centric or female-fronted, so thereupon said I would’ve to not agree. As far as playing strong women characters are concerned, I feel it’s more about the story. Whether it’s a robust female or someone who’s weak or isn’t making it through… it really just depends on the story. That’s the good thing about cinema and now digital has paved the way where we will play any character we would like. So women are often strong, vulnerable, amazing, or glamorous. I feel it’s a mixture of everything that matters now and not only one sort of strong woman.”

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