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Whose rule in Bundelkhand region? Bad condition of SP, who will get how many seats?

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Whose rule in Bundelkhand region? Bad condition of SP, who will get how many seats?
Jan 24th 2022, 13:55, by Hindustan News Hub

Budelkhand Region Opinion Poll: The countdown for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is underway. With the voting dates approaching, people's heartbeat has increased in the political corridors. Politicians have increased their footsteps in the streets of the people. The candidates for the first and second phase have been announced. The results of the assembly elections will come on March 10. Everyone's eyes are on the political movements of Uttar Pradesh. Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the political battle of Uttar Pradesh.

The Bundelkhand region maintains its political dominance in UP. In such a situation, it is very important to know that for which party a place has been made in the hearts of the people of this region. The team of C Voter tried to know from the public that which party will get how many seats in this region. The survey figures are in favor of BJP. The survey has revealed that BJP can get 13 to 17 seats out of 19 seats in Bundelkhand. At the same time, the Samajwadi Party has suffered a big loss in this region. SP has been projected to get only 2 to 6 seats here. At the same time, BSP, Congress and other three can get only one seat from 0.

Who has how many seats in Bundelkhand region?
Total Seats-19

BJP+ 13-17
SP+ 2-6
BSP 0-1
Congress- 0-1

Bundelkhad DB LIVE Opinion Poll

On the other hand, if we talk about the data of other surveys, in most of the BJP, it is seen making an edge in this region. According to the survey of DB Live, BJP can get 9 to 11 seats out of 19 seats. On the other hand, the Samajwadi Party can get 5-7 seats in this region. Apart from this, BSP can get 1 to 3 seats. Congress is expected to get 0-2 seats.

BJP- 9-11
SP 5-7
BSP 1-3
Congress- 0-2
other -0

Opinion Poll of Bundelkhand India TV

In India TV survey, BJP can win 17 seats in this region. Samajwadi Party can get 2 seats. At the same time, no seat will come in the account of BSP in this region.

BJP+- 17

Opinion Poll of Bundelkhand Zee News

At the same time, in the opinion poll of Bundelkhand region conducted by Zee News, BJP is expected to get 17-19 seats. According to the survey data, SP can win only 0-1 seats in this region. The account of Congress and BSP has not been opened in this survey.

BJP + 17-19
BSP – 0
Congress- 0
Other- 0


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