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Weight Loss Tips: Troubled by hanging belly fat? So do these best exercises daily

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Weight Loss Tips: Troubled by hanging belly fat? So do these best exercises daily
Jan 24th 2022, 13:50, by Hindustan News Hub

Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat: Whether you go to the gym or not, everyone wants to tone the stomach. Belly is a very attractive part of the body and toning it is especially the first desire of women. So that she can fit in her pencil dress and the hanging fat of her stomach is not visible from outside. But getting a slim stomach is not that easy either. If you want to work hard and are looking for some activities that can tone the stomach. In such a situation, you can get a slim stomach by doing some exercises. Here we will tell you about some such exercises, which by doing daily can make your belly fat slim.

plank exercise- While doing plank, even a second seems like an hour. We believe that this exercise is difficult but through this the results visible on the stomach will also be very good. Plank is a special exercise for abs and whenever you start doing plank for some time, then challenge yourself by doing plank more than that problem daily. For this, lie down on your stomach and you keep the elbows and the toes of the feet only on the ground and try to lift the weight of the whole body.

half get-up

  • If you like to do sit ups then you will definitely like this exercise.
  • To do this, sit on the ground and take a ball in your hand.
  • Taking the ball in hand, lift the hand up, bend your right knee, now keep the other leg spread completely on the ground.
  • Staying in this position, lie down and get up halfway. While getting up, keep the ball in the right hand and keep the other hand straight on the ground. Keep in mind that a straight line should be formed with both the hands.

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