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Touch screen of smart phone is not working, increase its sensitivity like this

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Touch screen of smart phone is not working, increase its sensitivity like this
Jan 23rd 2022, 15:01, by Hindustan News Hub


  • Sometimes the touch screen does not work properly
  • Functions not accessible even after touching
  • Problem can be fixed with the help of easy tips

New Delhi. It must have happened to you too that when you open your smartphone and try to open an app, the touchscreen is not accessible properly. You have to touch many times, then it works properly. If this problem is being faced in your smartphone every day, then it is obvious that this will not only waste a lot of your time, but there will also be problems with your partner. If you wish, this problem can be fixed in just a few minutes with the help of simple tips. Today we have brought some such tips for you, with the help of which this problem can be completely fixed.

Delete heavy files

If you keep heavy videos in your smartphone which are of the best quality, then due to this, there is a lot of pressure on the processor of the smart phone. Carrying heavy files for a smartphone is not easy. Some people keep on leveling their media files continuously and then in the end they get piled up which completely engulfs the memory of the smartphone. Due to these heavy files, the pressure on the processor increases so much that it does not respond properly and the touch screen starts hanging. If you also store heavy files in your smartphone, then do not do this and store these files elsewhere because due to this the pressure on the smartphone increases a lot which will cause such problems in future. Delete such files or move them elsewhere.

Delete unwanted apps

Every smartphone has some such apps which are used only a few times or sometimes it happens that these apps are not even used for months. If there are apps on your smartphone that you are not using, then you should delete them immediately. As soon as these apps are deleted, the pressure on the processor will be reduced and it will start responding properly and then when you use the touch screen, it responds immediately and you can do your work faster.


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