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Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian soldiers are ready to tear down Russians bare-handed… Lieutenant General threatens Putin

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Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian soldiers are ready to tear down Russians bare-handed… Lieutenant General threatens Putin
Jan 23rd 2022, 14:38, by Hindustan News Hub


  • Ukrainian military warns Russia of potential war threat
  • Ukrainian general said that our people will tear Russian soldiers by hand
  • Tension between Ukraine and Russia is not decreasing, fear of war is increasing

Kiev: Amidst rising tensions with Russia, the war of words between the two countries has also reached its peak. A Ukrainian army lieutenant general, Alexander Pavliuk, boasted that Ukrainian soldiers were ready to tear down the Russians bare-handed. He claimed that Ukraine has a large number of people who have lost their people in the war with Russia. We are not going to spare Russian soldiers at any cost. On the other hand, in view of Russia's aggressive stance, many western countries including America have also started supplying arms to Ukraine. A day earlier, a stockpile of American weapons reached Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Ukrainian army lieutenant general threatened
Speaking from a military base in Popsna, Ukraine, Ukrainian army lieutenant-general Alexander Pavliuk told the Times that we have about half a million people who have gone through war in this country. In this war, he has either lost someone special or has suffered loss of property. These 5 lakh people want to repay the blood debt of their relatives. They are ready to tear down the Russians with their bare hands.

'We will inflict great damage on the Russian army'
He further said that if the intelligence of our country has already detected the direction and place of attack of Russia, then we can inflict great damage on the enemies. Russia will get such a big shock that its army will stay there. They will not move forward after such a huge loss. He said that Putin also knew that his army would stop automatically after seeing a large number of casualties. This is a cold calculation.

Russia Ukraine War: America, Britain, Poland, Turkey… There is a competition to give state-of-the-art weapons to Ukraine, what is the matter of war with Russia
Told the date of Russia's attack on Ukraine
The Ukrainian lieutenant general told the date of a possible Russian attack. He said that from February 20, Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine. The Winter Olympics and Russia-Belarus military exercises are about to end around this date. New evidence has shown that Russian troops are strategically located close to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Russia has recently withdrawn troops and equipment from its Far Eastern regions and deployed them to Belarus. The Russian military presence in Belarus is only 20 miles away from the Ukrainian border.

Turkey's drone and Russian missile system face to face on Ukraine border, who will win if there is a war?
NATO countries start supplying arms to Ukraine
NATO member countries have started supplying state-of-the-art weapons to Ukraine. Many Western countries, including the US, Britain, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, are involved in sending arms to Ukraine. Britain has recently sent a stockpile of anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. These missiles can be easily fired from one place to another. Turkey has also handed over hundreds of Bayraktar TB2 drones to aid Ukraine. With the help of these drones, the Ukrainian army is also guarding the Russian border.


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