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Global Warming Effects: Polar bears hunting deer instead of seals and fish, see the effect of global warming

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Global Warming Effects: Polar bears hunting deer instead of seals and fish, see the effect of global warming
Jan 23rd 2022, 11:51, by Hindustan News Hub


  • Effects of climate change on Arctic polar bears
  • Polar bear seen hunting reindeer in Norway, entered water and killed
  • Environmentalists and biologists worried after watching the video

Oslo:Polar bears are famous for their white fur, giant size apart from their aggression. These apex predators of the icy Arctic feed their stomachs after the cold weather has passed by hunting for seals and fish. But, recently a bear has been seen hunting reindeer. After the video of this incident went viral, the concerns of biologists and environmentalists about this unusual behavior of the polar bear have increased. Many experts have linked this phenomenon to global warming.

Polar bear hunt seen in viral video
The video going viral is being told of Hornsund of Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. In this video a reindeer jumps into the sea to escape the polar bear. After which the bear also starts swimming in the cold water of the sea behind him. The bear, after chasing it for some distance, killed the reindeer with its sharp teeth in the water itself. Later, the bear drags the dead reindeer out of the water and takes it outside on the icy solid ground.

Why is hunting reindeer unusual?
Hunting any polar bear reindeer is considered a very unusual event. Scientists have noticed that over the past few decades, it has become common for these bears to wander the seashore for their normal diet. They are wandering here and there to find alternative food sources even in normal season. As a result, they do not have enough energy left to survive the cold days. It is believed that due to global warming, it is becoming difficult to hunt seals and fish. Due to which they are preying on other creatures.

In 16 years, a total of 13 attacks of bears on reindeer were registered.
Between 1983 and 1999, 13 incidents of polar bear hunting reindeer on the same archipelago have been recorded. Apart from these, polar bears have also been seen eating sea bird eggs, goose and snowy rats to feed themselves. However, with the increasing attacks of polar bears on reindeer, it is finding that they are finding it difficult to find their traditional food on icy solid land. At first glance, climate change is believed to be responsible for this.

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Role of global warming in declining polar bear population
Polar bears have traditionally been adept at hunting sea creatures. They feed themselves by hunting seals during the freezing of the sea during the cold season. However, due to global warming, Arctic sea ice melts early in summer and freezes late in winter. This means that polar bears spend more time on land without access to their staple food. These creatures require a high-fat diet to survive in the cold climate of the Arctic. But in the absence of such food, they are eating a low-fat diet on the seashore, due to which they are not getting enough energy during the winter.


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