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Review of The Terminator: Resistance DLC’s First Trailer Shows Kyle Reese in Action

Terminator: Resistance was slated to get some DLC and now Teyon has finally debuted the trailer for said expansion. Annihilation Line will be a story-based add-on for the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game and will come out on December 10, as stated by its first trailer. No price was given.

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Annihilation Line takes place midway through the story of the main game and also once again stars Jacob Rivers. Resistance leader Kyle Reese, a major player within the films, is leading the mission that sees the protagonists investigate an outpost that has gone silent. This territory is past the Annihilation Line, which is “the most dangerous territory imaginable” and located in a post-apocalyptic version of California. Players will also live out Reese’s visions of the future seen in the 1985 film.

Teyon claims that this DLC will be over four hours and contain new unnamed weapons and enemies like the T-600 that first debuted in The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008 and the HK Centurion, the giant quadruped killer robots seen in the comics.

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Terminator: Resistance first released in Europe in 2019 before its wider 2020 release and then subsequently got a PlayStation 5 upgrade in 2020. In September 2021, Teyon shared that it was creating some DLC for the game and would reveal more in November. And even though expansion also isn’t coming to PS4 or the Xbox One, the base game was never upgraded for the Xbox Series X|S, which explains why the expansion won’t be hitting that platform alongside the PS5.

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