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Review of Report: Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron Shelved Due to ‘Creative Differences’

Recently, it was reported that Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron was delayed indefinitely by Disney. In a recent report from Puck’s Matthew Belloni, however, there could be more issues happening behind the scenes.

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According to the report, Belloni notes that Jenkins and Lucasfilm executives were unable to agree on a script for her planned Rogue Squadron film, which was set to release sometime in 2023. While not unusual in the world of film, it seems like this could have potentially fractured the relationship between the two.

Belloni goes on to mention that Jenkins reportedly moved on to other projects she has planned, including the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 3 at Warner Bros. It’s currently unknown if it’s an issue of creative freedom, but Jenkins is far from the first director to now seemingly hit the brakes on a planned Star Wars franchise.

In the same report, Belloni mentions that Rian Johnson — who directed 2017’s Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi — also saw his planned Star Wars trilogy “shelved” over creative differences. According to Belloni, this is a “laughably recurring problem” for folks at Lucasfilm, with the report noting that various agents have reported that some of the top filmmakers in the world would like to direct a Star Wars film, but are often found held back by “micromanagement and plot-point-by-committee” planning.

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It’s currently unknown if or when either Jenkins or Johnson’s films will release, but it was a bit of a disappointing turn for the franchise, which has been on the upswing following a series of successful Disney+ hits in The Mandalorian and the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett.

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