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Review of Keanu Reeves Would Love to Do Another Constantine Movie

Keanu Reeves has had a legendary career throughout his time as an actor. One of the many roles he’s played, John Constantine in the 2005 film Constantine, has become a cult hit among comic book fans. Now, the actor has said he’d be willing to dive back into the role.

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Speaking with Esquire, Reeves was asked if he’d ever think about returning to play the DC Comics antihero. Reeves spent a moment joking about all of the characters named John he had played through his career, but did say he’d love to play Constantine again.

“I love playing Constantine. John Constantine,” Reeves said. “I’ve played a lot of Johns. How many Johns have I played? I don’t even know. I think it’s over ten. But anyway, I’d love to have the chance to play Constantine again.”

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After launching to mixed reviews in 2005, Constantine has developed a sort of cult following amongst fans of comic book films. The movie focused on John Constantine, a member of the DC Comics world and a warlock, who spends his days working as essentially a detective for all things supernatural.

While it’s currently unknown if DC and Warner Bros. ever plans on bringing back the character, it’s good to know that Reeves has no problem stepping right back into the paranormal world.

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