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Review of Exclusive: Keep Sweet Documentary Trailer Explores Warren Jeffs & the FLDS

ComingSoon is debuting the exclusive trailer for the upcoming documentary Keep Sweet, which follows the FLDS and what is left of it ten years after their infamous prophet, Warren Jeffs, was imprisoned. The movie will premiere exclusively on discovery+ on November 24.

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“Warren Jeffs was the Prophet of the FLDS, an offshoot of Mormonism,” reads the official synopsis. “Jeffs’ demanded absolute loyalty, and instituted complete adherence to the religion, requiring strict dress codes, banishing community celebrations and casting out followers who didn’t fall in line.

“His controversial reign ended with a conviction for sexual assault with underage girls, landing him in jail for life. Jeffs’ downfall sent shock waves throughout the community, with some continuing to pledge their loyalty to him, while others turned their backs on Jeff’s and the FLDS religion altogether.

“Ten years after his arrest, those left behind attempt to rebuild their community. Keep Sweet is an allegory for the unsettling reality we are living through in America. Can we learn how to live with one another despite our different ideologies, or are we destined to live apart?”

Check out the exclusive Keep Sweet trailer below:

The documentary is directed by Don Argott (Believer, The Art of the Steal).

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Keep Sweet is executive produced by Rasha Drachkovitch, Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch, Glenn Meehan, and David Hale for 44 Blue Productions and Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce for 9.14 Pictures

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