Review of Interview: Mortal Kombat Legends VA Speaks About Seeing Liu Kang’s Rise to Greatness

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Scorpion and Sub-Zero are often the face of Mortal Kombat, but, as some might forget, so is Liu Kang. The iconic Earthrealm warrior goes through a journey in Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge and Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms, too. Senior Gaming Editor Michael Leri talked to Liu Kang’s voice actor in the film, Jordan Rodrigues, about Liu Kang’s rise, his relationship with Raiden, and more. This interview contains heavy spoilers.

Interview: Mortal Kombat Legends VA Speaks About Seeing Liu Kang Become the Chosen One

In Scorpion’s Revenge, Liu Kang says he feels like a failure for not being able to defeat Goro. Raiden then tells him that defeating Goro wasn’t in his destiny. Given that exchange and how he isn’t really the big hero in that movie, how would you describe Liu Kang just in Scorpion’s Revenge? 

Liu Kang, throughout the whole film, feels ready to take on whatever challenge he is up against. He does feel like he’s a master at his craft and really wants to showcase that in order to save Earthrealm. I think he does get a little frustrated with Raiden because it’s kind of like holding back a hungry dog. You really get the satisfaction of why he is the chosen one in the second film.

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Raiden is obviously a huge influence on Liu Kang. He respects Raiden’s wishes and seems to idolize him. How would you describe their relationship in this film and what do you think Raiden means to Liu Kang? 

Raiden is a father figure in Liu Kang’s eyes. He raised and trained him and taught him respect and patience. Their relationship really goes deep with that. Because you’re really invested in the relationship between those two, the audience is ten times more invested in the characters and also the story. They have a really special relationship. 

Interview: Mortal Kombat Legends VA Speaks About Seeing Liu Kang Become the Chosen One

Rick Morales and Jeremy Adams talked about Liu Kang and Raiden’s relationship and said he was like a father figure to Liu Kang. Can you speak to that? Raiden “dies” in this movie. Kung Lao dies in this movie. His parents also die in the beginning. It just seems like everyone who is super important to him dies. How do you think all of these deaths help shape Liu Kang, especially Raiden’s?

With every death, it just adds fuel to the fire to Liu Kang’s burning heart. He trains harder, he fights harder. And he keeps those that he’s close with close to his heart and he respects the time that he has with these people. You don’t only get to see his special relationship with Raiden but also with Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and all the other characters. It’s very heartwarming.

This might get into speculation territory but where do you think Liu Kang is like mentally at the end of the film? He’s sort of taken Raiden’s place as the protector of Earthrealm.

He really is a student throughout the first and second film. And even though he thought he was ready those times, Lord Raiden was saying, “Be patient. Your time will come.” Once he leveled up to god status, everything became clear and all-knowing. And I think when you reach that etherealness, if that’s a word, everything becomes calm and one. I had to portray that in my acting. I think it’s really cool to see him become the chosen one.

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