Review of Huge PS5 Firmware Update Out Tomorrow, Includes Requested Features

Daljit Kalsi

The PlayStation 5 is just about set for its next big firmware update. This firmware (which had a beta in July) will be coming to PS5 systems on September 15. The PS4 and PlayStation mobile apps will also getting their own updates as well.

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This PS5 firmware update essentially has all of the same features found in that aforementioned beta. The most notable among them is the expandable internal storage, which will allow users to buy and install specific M.2 solid state drives. These are faster than normal hard drives and is one of the big selling points of the current generation of consoles. It can be a bit of a tricky and expensive process, but it will result in faster load times (when compared to an external hard drive) and let users store more games on their systems.

There are a ton of other features, too, many of which have to do with various parts of the UI. Trophies are listed vertically, giving players more information, and five can even be quickly tracked through the Control Center. PS4 and PS5 games are more easily marked so that players aren’t as prone to playing the PS4 version. Online friends can be more easily seen in the Control Center and the Control Center itself can be more easily customized. 3D Audio can now be played through the speakers. There are more features (like the “Leader” new accolade type and ability to automatically record a user’s best run in certain games) and they will likely be posted when the firmware goes live or somewhere else as users find unlisted changes.

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The PS4 is also getting some love. However, its firmware isn’t as expansive, which makes sense since it is an older console. PS4 players can now see their PS5 trophies on the system. Currently, the PS4 only shows PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita trophies. PS5 trophies are counted in the total sum but not listed. Party owners can also disband a without needing to individually boot people, which is also coming to PS5.

The mobile app is the final piece of this PlayStation puzzle. Users will be able to use remote play over cellular data, a feature that was previously locked to WiFi. Connection speeds have to be at least 5 Mbps but Sony recommends at least 15 Mbps. There will be settings to give players an estimate of how much data they are using. While it won’t be live until September 23, mobile app users will also get the ability to see Share Screen broadcasts on the app. Just be aware that Android users may take at least a week to see the update as it is a “phased release.”

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