Review of Exclusive: Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are) Documentary Clip

Daljit Kalsi

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are) from writer/director Rachel Boynton. The film will release in select theaters on Friday, September 17.

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Civil War travels across the United States to explore how Americans tell the story of their Civil War,” reads the official synopsis. “Filmed from President Obama’s final year in office through the present, it interweaves insightful scenes and interviews filmed North and South, painting a uniquely crafted, multi-faceted portrait of the American psyche and the deep roots of its turbulent times. With delicacy and strength, subtlety and determination, the [film] lays bare a nation in denial, haunted by an embittered past and the stories it refuses to tell.”

Check out the exclusive Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are) clip below:

In the exclusive clip, “we see Beck Knob Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee on an overgrown hill where slaves were buried in the midst of an active construction site, seemingly gone unnoticed and nearly dug up. Since filming this documentary, the cemetery is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Sitting on a one-acre site believed to be the first Black organized cemetery in the area starting in 1865, there are 188 known burials and 42 grave markers.”

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The documentary is produced by Boynton, Erika Dilday, and Thea Piltzecker. Executive producers include Brad Pitt for Plan B Entertainment, Dede Gardner, Henry Louis Gaets Jr., Jeremy Kleiner, Robert Kravitz, Sam Pollard, Rick Rosenthal, and Steven Shainberg.

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