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Review of Spiral Director Directing Mysterious Video Game Movie

Director Darren Lynn Bousman only just released his latest film, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, but he’s still dropping hints about one his future projects. In a recent interview ComingSoon, Bousman revealed that he got the offer to direct a video game movie from one of his favorite franchises from the “PS3, PS4” era.

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After speaking about his experience with immersive theater and ways to uncover side content before, after, and during watching a film, he naturally followed the thread to video games, a medium known for its interactivity. And while it doesn’t appear that he’s making a video game, it does sound like he is taking some game-like qualities and trying to put them into a film adaptation.

“I can’t say what right now, but I got the offer to direct the movie version of one of my favorite video games ever,” he said. “I love games and I love the idea that what games can do from a storytelling standpoint. So the idea that I now have the ability to go back in the world of video games and pull a story out and make it interactive in the movie theater, just like the game was. It was a PS3, PS4 game. Very exciting.”

It’s not clear how he’d make the film more interactive, but he did give an example earlier in that same interview of viewers being able to check the phones of the characters in the movie to dig up backstories. Bousman also has experience making alternate-reality games like The Tension Experience so this or some other kind of supplemental material isn’t out of the question.

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He also didn’t give any specifics about what video game series he is reportedly delving into. His comment about it being a “PS3, PS4” game could narrow it down, but it isn’t certain if this was a game on both platforms, a series that spanned both generations, or a game that was only on one of those systems.

As seen in the Saw series he is most known for and beyond, Bousman almost exclusively develops horror films so it’s possible that this project is from a horror game series, too. Electronic Arts was trying to develop a Dead Space movie years ago and it could be possible that the publisher wants to revive it in lieu of remaking the first game. Of course, it could be any number of other horror or non-horror games as this title is still lurking in the shadows.

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