Review of Ana de la Reguera Discusses Freaking Out During The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge is now in theaters and sees a group of anarchists that “decide to overtake America through an unending campaign of mayhem and massacre.” The film stars Ana de la Reguera in the lead role and was directed by Everardo Gout from a script by James DeMonaco.

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ComingSoon’s Alyse Wax spoke with The Forever Purge star Ana de la Reguera about her role in the latest installment of the horror series. Check out the video interview below or read the full transcript.

Alyse Wax: What was it about the role in The Forever Purge that drew you to it?

Ana de la Reguera: I just love the character. I love a woman that’s… um, I want to use the word in Spanish that is echa pa’lante, but it’s a word that means that she’s nonstop, not afraid of anything, and not scared of trying new things and a hardworking woman. So I just love the character. She’s a great wife. She is a good professional. All that. I just love that.

Did you see a lot of yourself in the character?

Yeah, for a lot of reasons. I can relate a lot, but it’s more about my culture and about what I’ve seen when Latinos come to this country. Like whatever your situation is or your position, even if you’re an immigrant or if you have no papers in this country or you come here for work. There are very ambitious people who come to this country and they get out of their comfort zone. So that reminds me a lot of Adela. She’s a very ambitious woman, too, so I could connect with her there, and also she just wants a better life. And I think I do too. My country gave me everything, but I just wanted to have more opportunities, more doors opening in my life, and not just be comfortable in life. I just want to push myself all the time.

For this role, you got to do a lot of action and fighting and stuff like that. Do you enjoy doing that?

I do enjoy them a lot, but I am scared of a lot of the other things. Like there was like one sequence where we’re all in this trailer and we have to go down and there are explosions. And that was all in one take. No cuts. So I was scared. And literally, I remember when I was doing some of the dubbing, I was listening to my screams to see if they were for real because I was panicking, but I wasn’t on screen. I could hear my screams because I was freaking out. And then sometimes it’s just fun. And sometimes it’s a lot of work. It depends on the situation and what scene it is.

And what do you have coming up next?

I have a show called Leopard Skin that I shot at the beginning of the year with Carla Gugino and then I have a show that I’m going to start doing in September. It’s a comedy that I wrote and I created and everything. I still can’t talk about it, but it’s going to start shooting that in September.

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