Hindu Campaigners Push South Asians Toward Eco-Careers

Daljit Kalsi

Hindu Climate Action (HCA) is urging more South Asians who follow the faith to adopt careers pertaining the environment and build their own grassroots efforts.

The Hindu eco-group encourages a “greener lifestyle” and aims to “increase ethnic representation in eco-activism”, the BBC has found.

HCA has more than 500 members and has run 30 events in the past year.

The recent workshop, which was organised with the National Hindu Students Forum (NHSF) UK highlighted careers such as wildlife photography and environmental consultancy and sustainable engineering.

Co-founder Priya Koria wants the Hindu community to start taking a more prominent role in climate activism

She said: “There are certain career paths which people think they should be doing such as medicine, dentistry or engineering.”

Ms Koria, from Bristol, said the “arts or even environmental sciences … feel less accessible” and encouraged people to do different courses ranging from free learning to Masters, adding it would not do anybody’s career “any harm”.

The group also encourage students to do simple tasks to help them take positive action, added the BBC.

“We had a pyramid of climate challenges – ranging from cooking a vegan meal or up-cyling an item,” said Ms Koria.

“It’s taking that leap and having the confidence in yourself, of having a go but it’s also networking at the same time.

“Through HCA I’ve met so many amazing people, groups doing work similar to ours or doing completely different work to us.

“Without trying you wouldn’t be opening yourself up. There’s only so much you can do behind books – you have to go out there.”

The Association aims to raise awareness about the ongoing climate emergency, highlight the importance of protecting the environment in the Hindu tradition and inspire the Hindu Community to go green.

HCA also run campaigns which allow the Hindu community to respond to the climate emergency, as well as join interfaith initiatives on climate activism.

For more information about the group or to get involved with climate activism, please visit: www.hinduclimateaction.org/ 

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