Review of Interview: Kevin Hart & Melody Hurd Discuss Netflix’s Fatherhood

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Netflix’s Fatherhood is out on the streamer today. Directed by Paul Weitz the film follows an emotional true story about a widower who has to take on single parenthood unexpectedly after his wife dies the day after giving birth. It’s based on Matthew Logelin’s memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love. The film stars comedy superstar Kevin Hart in the lead role, Melody Hurd (Them), Lil Rel Howery (Get Out), DeWanda Wise (She’s Gotta Have It), Anthony Carrigan (Barry), and Paul Reiser (Mad About You).

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with Fatherhood stars Kevin Hart and Melody Hurd about the emotional film, working with Paul Reiser, and Melody’s favorite scene. Check out our video interview, or read the transcript, below.

Tyler Treese: Kevin, despite the heavy subject matter, Fatherhood still delivers all the laughs that your fans would expect you’ve done drama before, but how great was it that this film allowed you to play to your strengths while also really showcasing your range and showing off some real emotion here?

Kevin Hart: I think that’s the privilege of being able to kind of create this weird genre that exists, but it’s not really talked about much and that’s the ability to be in that drama space, but still be personable, right? It’s finding a line that you can walk on, and deliver a message and not be over the top with the funny. Be grounded when the moments call for it, right? Make them real and reactive laughs, rather than forced laughs. But in this case, for me, it was about the drama. It was about making sure that I was believable in what I lost and the hurt and pain that I was experiencing. Also making sure that you’re on my side in supporting me and understanding the amount of love that I had to give this little girl and me not wanting to not be there for her. You wanted to be present and not let my wife that had passed away down. There was so much going on in the character’s head. So I had a lot of stuff to think about while doing it, a lot of things to pull from, but it all added value to performance.

Melody, there are so many fun scenes in the movie as well, such as going to the theme park and dancing. What was your favorite scene to record?

Melody Hurd: Probably my favorite scene is basically like the grandma’s house. So like the house is really cool and the little game [makes slapping motion].

Hart: The slap hands game.

Those were great. Kevin, you got to work with Paul Reiser here and I heard it was the first time you guys actually met. How was it working with such a legend of comedy?

Hart: Legend? What do you mean? Paul Reiser is beyond a legend, man. I remember talking to him when I first got there on set and just saying I grew up watching him. I know who he is and was to comedy. So I’m a comedy student. So, any moment where I felt like I get to touch history and share something with someone that I feel has meant so much and has had purpose in my craft’s history, I value that. Paul being a part of this movie, it was special and he had a great role. This is my boss. It was a really good role. We had a lot of fun with it and you know it helped add another layer to the performance as well because you got a boss that’s expecting certain things from you and you can’t give it. You’re kind of complicating other people’s lives and situations because of yours too. That’s the weight that a lot of people carry. So me bringing my child to work and expecting it to be okay or not really having a plan, it was a lot of weight that was being put on people.

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