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Review of Exclusive The Space Between Clip – Kelsey Grammer Plays Washed-Up Rocker

The Space Between

ComingSoon is excited to debut a clip from Paramount Home Entertainment’s The Space Between, which is out today via video-on-demand and digital on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, DirecTV, Vudu, Xfinity, and more.

The film, which is directed by Rachel Winter from a screenplay by Will Aldis, stars Kelsey Grammer as a washed-up rocker, plus Jackson White, Julia Goldani Telles, Paris Jackson, Andy Daly, and William Fichtner. It also features original music by Rivers Cuomo, the frontman of Weezer.

Check out the official synopsis for The Space Between below:

Micky Adams (Grammer), an eccentric has-been rock musician, loses his grip on reality as his record label looks to drop him and his new “unique” albums. In hopes of breaking out of the mailroom, young Charlie Porter (Jackson White) is tasked with traveling to the musician’s bizarre home and forcing Micky out of his contract. Micky realizes Charlie could be the key to an artistic breakthrough and the pair’s unlikely friendship grows. The odd but powerful bond helps both gain perspective on the music industry, life, love…and the space between.

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Our clip shows a scene where Charlie Porter finds Micky Adams as a “tarnished angel” after being spotted by a photographer naked during a drug-fuelled trip around town. While Porter asks Adams to get down from his pool castle, he decides to jump down instead.

Watch the exclusive The Space Between clip below:

ComingSoon will have an interview up with Winter discussing the film, working with Kelsey Grammer, and getting exclusive music from Cuomo later this week.

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