Review of Darren Lynn Bousman to Direct The LaLaurie Mansion From The Conjuring Scribes

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Darren Lynn Bousman to Direct The LaLaurie Mansion From The Conjuring Scribes

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It has been over a year since we’ve last heard an update regarding the development of The Conjuring writers’ Chad and Carey Hayes’ potential new horror franchise, which will center around the infamous LaLaurie Mansion. Now, Deadline brings word that Saw franchise director Darren Lynn Bousman has been officially enlisted to helm the upcoming project, which is expected to begin production later this year. The outlet also notes that casting began today and that the project is already gaining some high interest from studios and streamers.

“Joining this project is a dream come true for me,” Bousman said in a statement. “For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the paranormal. Anyone who studies the supernatural knows the legends and lore of the LaLaurie Mansion. It’s the holy grail of these types of environments. Recently I was allowed access to the house, and was able to stay there with the Hayes brothers. There is no way to articulate my 72 hours inside those walls. The house consumes you. Its history cripples you. The Hayes Brothers have crafted such an emotional, suspenseful, and scary narrative that I cannot wait to introduce the world to this unbelievable location.”

“Not only is Darren an incredibly creative director, but he also knows how to build a franchise. We are beyond thrilled to have him on this one, and can’t wait to see what he brings to the screen,” added the Hayes Brothers.

Bousman is no stranger to the horror genre and to franchise-building as he previously directed Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV and is also coming off from directing Lionsgate’s latest installment Spiral: From the Book of Saw. He also directed other non-Saw horror films such as Mother’s Day, 11-11-11, The Barrens, and Death of Me.

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Further details about the project’s plot and characters are still being kept under wraps, but it is confirmed to be set in the present day. The LaLaurie Mansion is currently being developed as a potential horror franchise that might cover the history of the house from recent events back to its origins and former evil owners.

The property still hasn’t been open to the public since 1932 but due to Faster Horse Pictures’ connection with current owner Michael Whalen, the film adaptation will be allowed to shoot some scenes on the actual mansion.

The LaLaurie Mansion is considered one of the world’s most haunted places. Its dark and sinister reputation was caused by former owner and resident Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who had performed various acts of violence, abuse, torture, mutilation, and murder towards her black slaves within the mansion.

In 1834, police officers and citizens had finally discovered the racist socialite’s evil doings when a fire broke out in the mansion which had forced the LaLauries to exposed the conditions of their slaves. However, LaLaurie was unfortunately never been punished for her heinous crimes because she had quickly made her escaped to Paris after the mansion fire.

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The LaLaurie Mansion will also be produced by Doug McKay, Cindy Bond, and Michael Whalen along with Joshua Ryan Dietz and Dylan Bond set to serve as executive producers. Local historian Andrew Ward has boarded the project as a consultant.

Interestingly, one of the previous owners was Oscar winner Nicolas Cage, who had once lived in the mansion in 2007 as a way of getting inspired to write a horror novel. In Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, LaLaurie was re-imagined as a character in the show’s third season Coven with award-winning actress Kathy Bates earning an Emmy nomination for her incredible portrayal of the notorious serial killer.

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