Review of The Body Fights Back Exclusive Trailer & Poster for Diet Culture Documentary

The Body Fights Back Exclusive Trailer & Poster For Diet Culture Documentary

ComingSoon is premiering the exclusive trailer and poster for The Body Fights Back, an upcoming documentary feature about five people navigating the paradoxes of diet culture. While promises of happiness, desirability, and perfection are irresistible, joy and contentment remain out of reach. Gravitas Ventures will release the film on digital platforms including iTunes and Apple TV on July 13, 2021.

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Personal stories from vastly different backgrounds quickly merge into a shockingly similar experience of battling one’s body. Self-starvation and compulsive exercise bring temporary satisfaction, only to be replaced with binging and purging soon after. Surprisingly, none of it has much to do with food.

Check out the exclusive trailer below:

Featuring exclusive footage from London’s contemporary anti-diet movement and fascinating personal archives, the film offers a unique insight into the complexity of eating disorders, body image struggles, and most importantly, the socio-economic realities of health.

The film is the first feature documentary to tackle diet culture and shift the debate around health towards inclusivity. It also highlights the newest research findings in Nutrition and Weight Science, disproving the widespread belief that one’s health is solely determined by body mass index.

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The Body Fights Back was written and directed by Marian Võsumets. It has a running time of 106 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA. The film fully meets the Academy diversity criteria, providing a platform to underrepresented groups such as Black, LGBTQ+ and Disabled people, and features a female director and mainly female cast.

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