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North Hollywood

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Today, Mikey Alfred makes his directorial debut in the movie North Hollywood. However, it doesn’t seem this will be his last as he already has the idea for his next film.

On the most recent episode of The Nine Club’s Stop and Chat, a podcast where pro skaters Chris Roberts, Jeron Wilson, and Kelly Hart interview people from the skateboard industry, talked to Alfred about North Hollywood. Alfred reveals he initially got the idea for the movie when he was in Wisconsin on a tour showing his short film Summer of ’17.

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“We’re driving through there and I see this row of houses with a big train behind it. And, for some reason, that just gave me an idea,” explains Alfred. Like, it would be sick to make a movie where you’re in the house and then every time the train passes, it’s like super loud and shakes everything and the power is going on and off, and if like someone did a crime as the train was passing.”

However, as Alfred and North Hollywood producer Malcom Washington began writing this story, they realized they didn’t really know anything about Wisconsin. After getting a bit lost with how to bring the story to life, they “shifted the focus” and wrote about things they knew, which happened to be the location of North Hollywood and skateboarding.

While Alfred is “so excited” to make another film, he wants to wait and see how North Hollywood does. In fact, he already has an idea for his next film. When Wilson asked if he knows what his next project might look like, Alfred said he definitely knows what he wants to do next, but he doesn’t want to talk about it yet.

“I have the idea, but I just don’t want to talk about it yet,” says Alfred. Roberts asked if the train and the houses are “off the table,” which elicits a big laugh from Alfred and says, “hey, you never know.”

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North Hollywood is by Illegal Civilization, a company founded by Alfred, and what he has dubbed “the first teen movie studio.” It is also a skateboard company, which recently turned three of its riders (Alex Midler, Kevin White, and Zach Saraceno) pro.

North Hollywood is written and directed by Alfred. It stars Ryder McLaughlin, Miranda Cosgrove, and Vince Vaughn. You can watch the movie now on Apple TV.

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