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Review of Wonder Woman 1984’s Gag Reel Highlights Gal Gadot’s Giggle Fits

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Wonder Woman 1984’s Gag Reel Highlights Gal Gadot’s Giggle Fits

Wonder Woman 1984’s gag reel highlights Gal Gadot’s giggle fits

No one is immune to the occasional giggle fit, not even Amazon warriors. But thankfully, Gal Gadot’s laughter seems to be the glue that held Wonder Woman 1984’s production together. Warner Bros. has just premiered WW84’s blooper reel ahead of its Blu-ray release later this month. And while the film was met with a mixed response from fans, it genuinely looks like the actors had a ball while making the sequel (via SuperHeroHype).

In the movie, Diana faced the double threat of both Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. But behind the scenes, doors were the real villain. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine apparently needed multiple takes to nail the scene where Diana and Steve Trevor break into the Smithsonian, with Gadot repeatedly breaking character as she struggled with a garage door lock. Pedro Pascal appeared to have similar difficulties later on while trying to get a set of doors open following the big fight at the White House. But for Kristen Wiig, the biggest obstacle was her character’s…well, wig, which came apart even as cameras were rolling.

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Of course, there were plenty of stunt mishaps as well, like when Gadot kept getting hit in the face with sheets of paper during the climactic final battle at Lord’s satellite outpost. But whether it was faulty wirework or Pine making fun of her accent, Gadot smiled through it all. And clearly, she wasn’t alone. Say what you will about how the film stacks up against the original. Regardless, each of the film’s principal cast members brought their own lighthearted spirit to the set.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently available to own on digital. The film will be released on Blu-ray on March 23.

You can watch the full gag reel below, then tell us your favorite moments in the comment section!

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